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Hooked on Creativity

Hooked on Creativity

Rebecca Knudsen

Always drawn to art and the artistic process, Rebecca discovered hooked rugs when the youngest of her six children was in kindergarten. In the years since then, she has produced a large collection of rugs that reflect her spiritual searchings, her love for her children and family, and the joy she finds in creating something that inspires thoughtful contemplation in her audience.

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Arleene was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness in Southern California. Her parents converted to the religion after they moved from their home in Moroleon, Guanajuato, Mexico to the United States. She studied the Mormon faith for two years before being baptized, an action considered taboo by her family’s religion. She shares her experiences as she transitioned from her childhood thoughts and beliefs to her current testimony of the gospel. Along the way she has held on to her continued love of family and has found that the knowledge of the gospel has opened her mind and brought her new blessings.

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Being Her Own Role Model

Being Her Own Role Model

Lyn Beckstead Greenwood

Trained as a chemical engineer, professional female role models have been hard to come by for Lyn Greenwood. That hasn’t stopped her from having a successful career at ExxonMobil. But the lack of role models has forced her to pave her own way as a single working mother and later, once she remarried, forced her to build up her own confidence in the kind of mother, worker and friend to others that she wanted to be.

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MWP Video Salon

MWP Video Salon

MWP Video Production

On September 30th, about 60 women (and a few men!) gathered to hear a roundtable discussion between four exceptional women: Bonni Ballif-Spanvill, Debra Goodson, Ariel Bybee and Karen Larsen. All over 50, each of these women has moved through various eras in her life and represent a broad range of roles a woman can play […]

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Enthusiasm and Endurance

Enthusiasm and Endurance

Kovács Ildikó

Introduced to the gospel as a teenager in her native Hungary, Ildikó had to wait four years to be baptized due to her family’s disapproval. Ildikó discusses the challenges of joining a community that is still small in Hungary, marrying another Hungarian member and raising her three children in the Church there. She expresses confidence in the Savior’s role as head of the Church, the practical and spiritual safety that comes from living by its principles, and benefits of raising her children in the gospel.

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