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A Grief Observed

A Grief Observed

Julie Hall

Nearly two years ago, tragedy struck when Julie Hall’s 14-month-old son died before her eyes. She now understands what C.S. Lewis meant when he said sorrow is not a state but a process. Gently, slowly, and with great pains—and joys—Julie began a cathartic journey of discovery.

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Lindsay Hart is a woman of many talents, and she’s put them all to good use. As a Spanish speaker, she has helped build up Spanish-speaking branches in her area. As a photographer, she photographs children with terminal diseases for a non-profit she founded. She’s also acted as foster mother to her cousin. She’s working towards her own version of her personal best.

June 5th, 2013 by admin


Mohawk Junkie

Mohawk Junkie

Jessamyn Lau

Jessamyn Lau, a high school drop-out turned art student turned MBA, speaks about her philosophy of risk-taking and her confidence in being a daughter of God. Jessamyn’s non-traditional career path has led her from waitressing to teaching in China and now to building the field of social entrepreneurship. She’s proof that calculated risks can pay off. Her advice? Be bold. Be deliberate. Be prayerful. And try getting a mohawk.

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