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Healing A Racial Divide

Healing A Racial Divide

Margaret Blair Young

Margaret Blair Young teaches Creative Writing at Brigham Young University. In addition to authoring novels, articles and essays, Margaret co-produced Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons, a documentary film shown on PBS and at film festivals. Margaret is a mother of four children and a grandmother to three children. She became president of the Association for Mormon Letters in March of 2010.

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A Boundless Conversation

A Boundless Conversation

Stephanie Soper

Raised as a Catholic in Rhode Island, Stephanie Soper experienced a powerful communication with God that led her to join the Church twenty years ago. Since then, she has developed her gifts of communicating with God and has used these gifts to provide intuitive readings and emotional healing work for others in the Church.

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The first time Faustina Otoo went to church, in Nigeria in 1985, the members’ love made her feel like she was in a “wonderland”. Since that day, Faustina’s journey in the church has taken her back to her native land of Ghana where she now serves as the front office receptionist at the Africa West Area office complex at the Accra Ghana temple. As the single mother of two children, Faustina is especially proud that her daughter is about to graduate from college.

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From Dancing to Diapers

From Dancing to Diapers

Lisa Hess Jones

Lisa Jones is the mother of two sons, one on a mission and one in high school. But before she was “mom”, she was a solo dancer at the New York City Ballet from 1975 to 1985 and a favorite of the company’s founder George Balanchine. Lisa talks about these two distinct eras in her life and why she was so ready to transition from thinking about herself as a dancer to thinking about someone else as a mother.

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