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Raquel Cook’s biography so far might read like an adventure novel—living and working in Korea, meeting the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, studying at Oxford University, surviving the violence of 9/11 in New York City—but she’d rather you wrote your own adventure. Now a professor of education, Raquel reflects on her unique path and how she encourages her students to get out and see the world. And she explains how her study of world religions helped her better appreciate her own Mormonism. “There is truth everywhere,” Raquel says, “and there is happiness everywhere, and there is beauty everywhere, and people are good. Ugly is rare. People are just beautiful and good.”

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María Lucia Batioja balanceaba ser a la vez un converso a la Iglesia y un inmigrante a los Estados Unidos desde Argentina. Ella cuenta su historia de ser una niña jugando en los huertos en una pequeña granja en Argentina, su valiente decisión de venir a los Estados Unidos, unirse a la iglesia, y su esfuerzo continuo para construir una vida para sí misma en un nuevo país como madre, un latinoamericano y un mormón.

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Maria Lucia Batioja balances being both a convert to the church and an immigrant to the United States from Argentina. She tells her story of being a young girl playing in the orchards on a small farm in Argentina, her courageous decision to come to the United States and join the church, and her continual effort to build a life for herself in a new country as a mother, a Latin American, and a Mormon.

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