IMG_9766_thumbnailNeylan McBaine, Founder
Neylan McBaine, a life-long Mormon, grew up in New York City and attended Yale University. She currently lives with her husband and three young daughters. In addition to founding the Mormon Women Project in 2010, Neylan is the author of Women at Church: Magnifying LDS Women’s Local Impact. Neylan is also the CEO of Better Days, an organization dedicated to celebrating Utah’s women’s history by popularizing the past in creative and communal ways.


IMG_9766_thumbnailMeredith Marshall Nelson
Meredith Marshall Nelson lives in Charlottesville, VA with her husband and two young children. Her work on the MWP is based in her belief that stories are our greatest teachers, that women’s lives and voices should be presented in true balance as half our history, and that every woman’s story is meaningful as both a measure and a guide for our progress as a people. She has an MA in Middle East Studies/Hebrew, and taught three years as a visiting professor of Modern Hebrew at BYU. For the last few years she has pursued a deeply-felt calling supporting women through pregnancy, childbirth, loss, and parenthood as a consultant and doula.

IMG_9766_thumbnailElizabeth Ostler

Elizabeth Ostler is a Brooklyn-based theater-maker, specializing in directing and puppetry. She is the founder of Life’s Echoes Creativity Coaching, and co-founder of the NYC Artist Group. She is a multimedia artist, photographer, sculptor and writer. Elizabeth uses her art to bring awareness to social issues, such as gender inequality, domestic violence and human trafficking. She holds an MFA in theater directing from Brooklyn College and a BA in liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College. Follow her on twitter and read her blog, Actively Participating in Life.


Interview Producers

Neylan McBaine

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Elizabeth Clayton Smith

Cassandra Arnell


Sunday School Series

The contributors to our Sunday School Series are a diverse group of women with different backgrounds and expertise. We are grateful for their willingness to engage in discussions of women’s varied roles and experiences in the ancient and/or modern church for the benefit of our Sunday School worship.

Elizabeth Ostler
Meredith Marshall Nelson
Neylan McBaine
Laura Leavitt
Rosemary Demos
Elizabeth Pinborough
McArthur Krishna
Bethany Brady Spalding
Julie M. Smith
Jodi Drake
Rachel Hunt Steenblik
Nikki Yaste
Fiona Givens
Suzette Smith
Leslie Albrecht Huber
Janiece Johnson
Lark Galli
Jocelyn Pedersen
Ashmae Hoiland
Heather Farrell
Jody England Hansen


Graphic Designers

The Mormon Women Statements are created by these talented graphic designers. We cannot thank them enough for sharing their gifts with the Our Cooperative Ministry community. If you would like to design Statements for us, please contact us.

Carolyn Spencer ([email protected])
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