The MWP is comprised of faithful women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints anxiously engaged in the good cause of edifying our sisters and brothers, that we may all experience a joy-filled worship and a sanctifying mortal experience.

We believe that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses the lives of its members and provides the ordinances necessary for salvation.

We sustain our church leaders and contribute to the functionality of our wards by steadfastly fulfilling our callings.

We work within the framework of current LDS doctrine to question traditions that may limit us as individuals and as a people.

We view both our commonalities and our differences as strengths as we explore alternative approaches that empower everyone.

We do this by seeking out and sharing the stories of women in the Church.

We provide tools that allow members to quote women and highlight their voices and experiences in worship and personal study.

We are committed to highlighting the diversity and breadth of experiences in living a life of faith and devotion.