Nominate A Woman

Do you know of a woman whose story you’d like to see included in this Project? We are looking for women who:

Represent diverse cultural backgrounds

Have overcome personal trials

Magnify their callings at home

Have unique career paths

Are involved in their communities

Each woman we feature in the Mormon Women Project has a firm testimony of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To nominate a woman to be interviewed, please write a brief paragraph in the space provided outlining why you feel her story should be told. Please provide your name, email and phone number so we can follow up with you to learn more about the woman you have nominated.

Sponsor The Project

The Mormon Women Project is thinking big! In 2011, we want to:

• Pay for professional transcription services. To produce each interview, volunteers spend 4-6 hours transcribing the live conversation. Your donation will help us pay for professional transcription services so we can spend our time seeking out fascinating women and publishing two interviews a week, instead of just one.

• Compensate interviewers and photographers. The MWP would like to pay its interview producers $50 for each interview published. We would also like to pay each photographer $50 for portrait photography of each interview subject. This would cost $10,000 for one year.

• Host additional events. Our Salon evening in September 2010 was a huge success, and we would like to be able to expand our Salon program in 2011 with at least two additional events. Costs include location rental as well as printed materials, flowers, videography (so the event’s discussions can be shared on the site), and possibly refreshments. We would also like to be able to provide simple branded materials so that similar Salons can be offered in other locations by volunteers.

• Compensate interviewers and photographers. The MWP would like to be able to offer a small compensation to our dedicated volunteers.

• Additional funds would be used for online marketing, website maintenance and upkeep, and design services for printed materials.

The Mormon Women Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. For more details, visit our visit our Donations page.


Write and Photograph

We are looking for Mormon women to produce our interviews and take pictures of our interview subjects. All contributors are credited for their work on the site. If you are interested in volunteering your writing or photography skills, please fill out the form below and we will contact you. (Writing candidates need not submit examples of photography.)

Volunteer Your Time

Open Positions at the MWP
As of May 2012

MWP Salon Event Hosts (Salt Lake City and other locations)

The MWP is planning to host live gatherings, called “Salons”. These gatherings will be in women’s homes, and each will feature an interesting LDS woman or a panel of women in the community who will speak to the assembled group. These meetings will be open to the public, with event information posted on the website, but members of our email newsletter list will receive personal invitations. As part of the Salon, there will be a short presentation about the MWP and guests will be asked to make a suggested donation of $20 to the organization.

We would like to have these salons meeting in a number of cities, so if you are interested in hosting a salon in your city, please let us know.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5 hours per month (ramping up to month of event)
Email if interested: [email protected]


The MWP is looking for volunteers to transcribe the recorded interviews. Time commitment will vary depending on the length of the interview and the speed of the transcription, but each interview will likely take between 4-7 hours. One interview per month.

Estimated Time Commitment: 4-7 hours per month
Email if interested: [email protected]

Copy Editors

Quick turnaround required to make sure our published interviews are impeccably edited. We use Chicago style with some exceptions.

Estimated Time Commitment: 5-7 hours per month
Email if interested: [email protected]