In Darkness, In Grace

“A psychiatrist prescribed medication that did more to lift the darkness of depression than all my prayers had. Though I was grateful for that partial relief, I also felt surprisingly angry. Are we not promised over and over that the Gospel brings peace to our hearts and that our Heavenly Father’s plan is one of happiness? So why could I get those things from a pill but not from Him?”

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Snapshot Portrait: Laura Breksa

“God was like a neighbor who lived a few houses down the street. I’d go to him when something was broken, come back to collect the repaired problem, wave my hand in unspoken thanks, and speed back home.”

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Snapshot Portrait: Amy Mitchell

The moment I realized there is power in what I do was when… …I decided to proactively facilitate the natural birth of my fourth child. Honestly, a large part of my choice was based on a spiritual, emotional, and physical curiosity that couldn’t be satisfied any other way. My first three children were all born […]

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Snapshot Portrait: Kristin Goodwin

I realized I have power when… …I discovered the power of tenderness, and what it means to have unconditional love and attachment as a mother. For me it comes down to letting someone know that they are more important than the rules, or the spilled milk, or what the other moms at the park think. […]

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Snapshot Portrait: Meghan Decker

The hardest choice I’ve made in my life was to reveal my major depressive episode and my suicidal thoughts to an unknown audience of thousands.

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Snapshot Portrait: Patty Pitterle

The first time I realized Heavenly Father loved me was when… I was a very young girl, and, one dark night, I was struggling to fall asleep. I looked up through the window to find the stars. Instead of seeing the brightness of the light, I saw a face looking into the window. I was […]

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Snapshot Portrait: Amanda Lythgoe

The hardest choice I’ve made in my life was when… …at the age of 19 I chose to follow the promptings of the spirit and place my baby for adoption. A sweet baby boy, just two days old, lay on the hospital bed between me and his birthfather.  I held his tiny hand as I […]

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Snapshot Portrait: Merinda Cutler

The first time I realized Heavenly Father loved me was when… I was in college, attending classes during the summer term when campus was quiet, slower, and a little lonely. In that extra time on my own, I started wondering if everything I had been taught all my life was really true, or if I’d just been brainwashed. I wondered if there was a God at all.

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Snapshot Portrait: Mary Decker

The hardest choice I’ve made in my life was when… I chose to be happy. My life was crumbling around me. I was sad, angry, depressed, and mourning the loss of my marriage. My husband had kicked me and my baby out of our own home. I was homeless and helpless.

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