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Artwork by Caitlin Connolly

Artwork by Caitlin Connolly

About the Book

Women at Church: Magnifying LDS Women’s Local Impact by Neylan McBaine is a practical and faithful guide to improving the way men and women work together at church. Looking at current administrative and cultural practices, the author explains why some women struggle with the gendered divisions of labor. She then examines ample real-life examples that are currently happening in local settings around the country that expand and reimagine gendered practices. Readers will understand how to evaluate possible pain points in current practices and propose solutions that continue to uphold all mandated church policies. Readers will be equipped with the tools they need to have respectful, empathetic and productive conversations about gendered practices in Church administration and culture.

Mormon Women Project founder Neylan McBaine draws on years of study and conversations as well as hundreds of interviews to offer real-world ideas that are happening now in wards and stakes.

All royalties from the book go to supporting the Mormon Women Project.

Praise for Women at Church

“Such a timely, faithful, and practical book! I suggest ordering this book in bulk to give to your bishopric, stake presidency, and all your local leadership to start a conversation on changing Church culture for women by letting our doctrine suggest creative local adaptations—Neylan McBaine shows the way!” — Valerie Hudson Cassler, author of Women in Eternity, Women of Zion

“A pivotal work replete with wisdom and insight. Neylan McBaine deftly outlines a workable programme for facilitating movement in the direction of the ‘privileges and powers’ promised the nascent Female Relief Society of Nauvoo.” — Fiona Givens, co-author of The God Who Weeps: How Mormonism Makes Sense of Life

“With her keen insights, Neylan McBaine has emerged as a leading voice in a necessary conversation. Women at Church brings attention to gender issues while offering innovative solutions. A truly remarkable resource that belongs in every Latter-day Saint home!” — Juliann Reynolds, co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of FairMormon

“Neylan McBaine’s voice is uniquely important. She speaks as a unifier, knowledgeable of gender issues and attentive to all perspectives. I particularly like her questions—some paradoxical (‘How do we respect the traditions, practices, and truths of our earliest progenitors, while holding sacred the rebel explosion of the Restoration?’); some rhetorical (‘How can we dismiss others’ pain simply because we do not feel it ourselves?’); some inviting introspection in all of our conversations about gender (‘Who will feel closer to God if my ideas are implemented?’). Women at Church invites respect of all for all, and particularly for any woman who identifies herself as a member of the ‘armies of SHElaman’, standing as a witness for Christ in any circumstance and transcending argument with love.” — Margaret Blair Young, co-author of Standing on the Promises

“In her timely and brilliant findings, Neylan McBaine issues a gracious invitation to rethink our assumptions about women’s public Church service. Well researched, authentic, and respectful of the current Church administrative structure, McBaine shares exciting and practical ideas that address diverse needs and involve all members in the meaningful work of the Church.” — Camille Fronk Olson, author of Women of the Old Testament and Women of the New Testament

“Smart, aware and concerned, Neylan McBaine provides thought-provoking stories and ideas about giving more prominence to LDS women’s voices. We hope this book will also prompt LDS couples to discuss their Priesthood partnerships.” — Linda and Richard Eyre, authors of The Turning: Why the State of the Family Matters and What the World Can Do about It

“Neylan compellingly describes how LDS women do find, and might expand, their personal, spiritual, and organizational empowerment in the LDS Church as it functions in local wards and stakes—where women serve as leaders who supervise and preach, teach, and minister to fellow church members.” — Maxine Hanks, editor of Women and Authority: Re-emerging Mormon Feminism

“In Women at Church, Neylan McBaine artfully addresses the perception of Mormon feminism from the perspective of an orthodox believer; weaving their stories in with those who have traditionally been maligned for identifying concerns surrounding the position of women in the LDS Church. Rather than pose church members as opposing factions, Neylan draws us closer together in a narrative that highlights our potentially common goals. The book is accessible and offers a way forward for faithful seekers to highlight the contributions of women in the Church and empower all people in the spirit of equity in the Gospel of Christ.” — Lindsay Hansen Park, founder of the Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast

“Neylan McBaine has a wonderful mind! What I love about it is her ability to focus on the important, essential questions, without getting distracted by instant solutions. Good questions are the only way to finding good answers.” — Clayton M. Christensen, author of The Power of Everyday Missionaries

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Neylan is available for appearances such as ward or stake events, Relief Society events, book clubs, discussion groups. Email [email protected] to get in touch.